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My name is Frey. I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I have been in practice since 2014, working in the charity sector and privately. During this time, I have helped people from many different backgrounds feel better about themselves, calmer and more able to cope with life’s ups and downs.

People often come for counselling when faced with a sudden change or crisis. But there are many times when it can help. Mounting pressures may have started to get the better of you. Worry and fear might be interfering with your life, leaving you feeling stuck. Or you might feel like something is wrong, without really knowing why. Whatever brings you here, I offer you a space to be heard. Somewhere to make sense of it all and find way through.

I provide a confidential counselling service for adults of all ages. I am available face-to-face in central Brighton and worldwide online via Zoom.

Although I have wide experience, I find that many of my clients come to me with issues around self-worth, relationships, loneliness and identity. They often have some level of anxiety or depression and have sometimes experienced trauma.

Choosing a counsellor can be difficult. On this website, I have tried to answer many of the common questions people have about counselling and to give you a sense of how I can help. You can also contact me to ask any questions, arrange a free telephone consultation or book a no obligation first session.

Frey Case-Leng, Counselling in Brighton
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About Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy is often misrepresented in popular media. So, what is it really like?
Frey, counsellor in Brighton

About Me

Find out more about how I work as a therapist and how I can help you through counselling.
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If you have any questions or want to arrange a first session then you can contact me here.

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